Scott Creek Chairs
Maker of fine 18th century Hand-Made American Windsor Chairs in Texas,

Construction of The Scott Creek Windsor Chair

THE CONSTRUCTION — The handmade Windsors are constructed of mixed woods to satisfy requirments needed by the design.

The Seat is made of softwood, either Pine or Basswood, to allow carving of the Profile, a thick seat to anchor the tapered sockets for the Legs and a softwood to grip the Leg Tenons.

The Legs, Stretchers and Arm Stumps are made from Hard Maple, allowing good profiles on turnings and Hard Wood for Tenons.

The Bow, Arm and Spindles are made from Open-Grained Hardwood, such as Oak. These are split from logs, riven into blanks and finally whittled into final form. This type wood is needed for strength and flexibility necessary in bending.

All joints are secured using only glue and wedges. NO NAILS or SCREWS.

The Seat and Back have a slight slope, making the chair very comfortable.

Finally, Scott Creek Windsors are finished with multi-layers of authentic milk paint , then hand rubbed and waxed yielding an aged patina that looks like a time worn antique.

Delivery is available within 100 miles of my shop or I can ship anywhere. Contact Scott Creek Chairs today to have an heirloom Windsor made for you.

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