Scott Creek Chairs
Maker of fine 18th century Hand-Made American Windsor Chairs in Texas

Brief History of The American Windsor Chair

A Masterpiece in Design — Satisfying the Desires of function, comfort, durability and beauty. Hand-crafted to last a lifetime and be passed down to future generations.

THE CHAIR — Introduced in the mid-1700's-the Windsor, one the most gracefull and usable of traditional chairs, is also the most successful piece of furniture in American History.Windsors were found in practically every American home. George Washington seated his guests at Mount Vernon in 30 Windsor Chairs. Thomas Jefferson sat in a Bow-Back Writing Arm Windsor while composing the first draft of the Declaration of Independance. There are several types of Windsors, but the Bow-Back or Sack-Back is probably the most common. It has a two piece back, both steam bent into an arc. The Crest Rail is mortised and wedged into the Arm Rail. It stands approximately 37 inches high. Its seven rived spindles are handshaped with a spoke shave. The seat is oval and is saddled. All parts are socketed together and wedged. Its name comes from its use in cold drafty homes where a sack was draped over the back to keep a cold draft from the sitter.

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