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The Scott Creek Windsor Chair Gallery

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ContinuousArm — Circa 1790's. One of the greatest innovations in American Windsor Design. Features a one piece arm/bow with compound bends, nine shaved spindles, two brace spindles, a shield seat with tailpiece.

  • Height: 37.5"
  • Width:23"
  • Depth:24"

  • HighBack — Circa 1760's. Also referred to as Comb Back. Features an oval seat like the Sack Back but with a taller back having seven shaved spindles piercing a steam bent arm capped by a carved crest.

  • Height: 42.5"
  • Width:24"
  • Depth:21.5"

  • NantucketFanBack — Circa 1770's. This style of chair was popular in coastal Massachusetts. It is an easy-chair as opposed to one for dining. The largest and most stately of the Windsor Styles. Features a large crest, carved knuckles, tailpiece with braces and an oval seat.

  • Height:44"
  • Width:31"
  • Depth:26.5"

  • Rocker — This very popular version of the Sack Back has a small crest to hang a pillow or blanket on. Narrow maple runners make this chair rock easy.

  • Height: 45"
  • Width:24"
  • Depth:34.5"

  • Sack Back Settee — New England style Circa 1770's. This two person settee, sometimes called a "small form" settee, was not widely produced 200 years ago and is extremely rare today.

  • Height:37.5"
  • Width:42"
  • Depth:21.5"

  • Childs Sackback — An exact duplicate of the adult version. It makes a great first reader chair and can be placed next the "big persons" chair to make the child feel right at home. Sized for children up to age 8, depending on the child. It will be a family heirloom and treasure passed down among the generations

  • Height: 28.5"
  • Width:19.5"
  • Depth:17"

  • SackBack — Circa 1760's. The most popular and best recognized of all Windsors. Features an oval seat, steam bent arm and bow, seven shaved spindles. An extremely comfortable chair.

  • Height: 37.5"
  • Width:24"
  • Depth:21.5"

  • BowBackside — An ideal side chair to use with the Sack Back or Continuous Arm. Features a shield seat with tailpiece and steam bent, beaded bow.

  • Height: 37.5"
  • Width:20"
  • Depth:22.5"

  • Cricket & Stool
    Stool—Handy multi-use Utility Stool.

  • Height: 19.5"
  • Width:16"
  • Depth:16"

  • Cricket—The perfect companion to any of the chairs for a foot stool.
  • Height: 11"
  • Width:16.5"
  • Depth:12.5"

  • R.I. Side Chair — This chair is a beautiful addition to any room with any type decor, both comfortable and functional.

  • Height:36.5 "
  • Width:21.5"
  • Depth:20.5"

  • Kirsch Stool — A Barstool without a back.

  • Height: 26.5" to 29"
  • Width:18"
  • Depth:14.5"

  • Computer Chair — Necessity is the mother of invention and such is the case with this original Milton Scott design. Needing a computer chair that would fit the decor of the house and still maintain functionality this chair was born. A modern classic with old world style and handmade construction.

  • Height: 37.5"
  • Width:24"
  • Depth:21.5"

  • Youth Chair — A Highchair version of the childs Sack Back-Ideal Booster Chair

  • Height: 38.5"
  • Width:19"
  • Depth:20"

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