Scott Creek Chairs
Maker of fine 18th century Hand-Made American Windsor Chairs in Texas

Tools used to create The Scott Creek Windsor Chair

THE TOOLS — Chairmaking is a specialized craft which requires specialized tools. Many of the hand tools used to make antique Windsors were discontinued when power tools became popular. By researching the construction of antique chairs, tool makers have been able to make reproduction tools needed to make authentic 18th century chairs.

The seat is carved with a Gutter Adz, Scorp, Compass Plane and Travisher, all long lost 18th Century tool types. All holes are drilled with a Brace and Spoon Bits, the only Bit capable of changing directions and making a round bottom hole. The Spindles, Arm and Bow are whittled with a Draw Knife and Wooden Spokeshave. These allow the grain to be followed; important for strength in bending.

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